Learn Spanish in Spain

Residential Spanish language course and holidays for adults in undiscovered Spain

Enjoy a 5*-rated language-learning holiday in authentic rural Spain. All-inclusive package of delicious healthy eating, unique excursions and customised classes.

Estilo de Vida (lifestyle) is, above all, a space of welcome to conversation. We are in a beautiful setting of Northern Spanish countryside: impressive natural scenery, historical sites and open air activities. Moved by the impulse of veracity, we offer:

Designed for adults of any age, immersions at Estilo de Vida are particularly appreciated from the mental serenity that accompanies the over 50s, as explained in the tab above.

1to1 Spanish language course

In our residential Spanish-learning courses in Spain, the teacher hosts you at his home and shares his day with you. Apart from the 20-hour weekly classes and depending upon your preferences, this includes activities of the day  visiting his interesting friends, historical heritage, beautiful natural sceneries, mountain trekking, conversations in the car, news in media, cooking, indoor games in the evening, etc. This is really a full immersion Spanish-learning residential course.

Learn Spanish enjoying a unique vacation

If you want to improve your Spanish during your holidays in Spain, few things as adequate as this fully customized immersion course in Spain. Your specific learning needs address our indoor classes and your leisure preferences orientate our outdoor activities. You will learn while you enjoy the wecolme of a beautiful rural area and its people.

The links above give further details. The menu on the top of the page allows language selection. Below are a map showing our location, some reviews excerpts and our contact data.


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Where are we

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