Online Spanish lessons

We also offer online Spanish lessons  though Skype and other platforms (Superprof and Italki), specially from October to June.
Alejo, the teacher, is passionate about language and conversation. It offers professionalism, experience and a high level of dialogue. You can view your profile in the About Us tab.
For the lessons, we use self-designed material (developed for our linguistic immersions) and other adapted from the Internet, as well as didactic units from Editorial Difusión. Lessons are developed under the ‘communicative approach’, which assumes that the main motivation to learn a foreign language is to communicate.
– The standard session is 1h30m. We recommend 1 session per week. At the end of the session we send work for the student to work on his own during the week. In every new session, we review the previous week’s work and face new topics. The price is €30/h.
– We also offer intensive courses of 8 hours in a week. The price is €300.

You can see all Estilo de vida reviews in the Reviews tab.

To contact us, you can use the information at the bottom of the page.

Thanks for your interest.

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