Full-immersion Spanish course in Spain

Fully customized, residential immersive Spanish language course and holidays in a splendid region of rural Spain

5*-rated language-learning holiday for adults. Stay at the professor’s and share the day, with fully customised 1to1 lessons and daily excursions.

WHAT's it about?

Estilo de Vida is, above all, a space of welcome to conversation in friendly atmosphere –using Spanish as lingua franca.

THROUGHOUT THE YEAR, we offer linguistic full-immersion Spanish courses and holidays in rural Spain:
  • Weekly stays (flexible standard). Arrivals Sunday evenings, departures Sunday mornings.  Up to 4 hour morning sessions Monday through Friday. Visits to the splendid region in the afternoons and weekend, accompanied by professors. Classes can be extended to the weekend if convenient. We encourage you to spend more than one week to reinforce your Spanish. If you have special requirements, let us talk about them.
  • Methodology for lessons. We follow a so called ‘post-method‘: we deepen into linguistics as our conversations unveil your particular learning requirements.
  • All meals and lodging at the teacher’s are included as a part of the immersion. One room per person or couple. We cook with ecologic ingredients and criteria as a part of our lifestyle. Participation in cooking is recommended as an important part of the immersion and a topic to share. 
  • Transfers from and to airports (Bilbao, Vitoria or Santander), train stations (Miranda de Ebro) or bus stops.
  • Three students maximum per teacher and level of Spanish.
  • Students may come with family and mates not interested in learning Spanish. They are welcome to be lodged and to participate in meals and activities. Please tell us your case to make a tailored proposal.
  • Estilo de Vida is conceived for adults. Students below the age of 18 years  are welcome when accompanied by relatives. Pets are also welcome.
  • Groups. For larger groups, we have a brother hostel: Albergue La Tejedora, in Ojébar (Cantabria). For these cases, let’s talk: we will make tailored offers to suit your requirements.

  • Price per week (updated for 2024), all included:
    • One student per teacher/level: 1,185 €/student
    • Two students per t/l: 985 €/student
    • Three students per t/l: 885 €/student

HOW we do it?

The post-method approach is only applicable with a short number of students. In Estilo de Vida, the maximum is three per teacher. The interaction between teacher and student unveils the areas where the learning focus is most convenient. The post-method combines theory and practice, using grammar as an instrument to gain communicational ability. We work on building a warm and supportive community among us all that helps communicate more uninhibitedly. 
In general, the Spanish that is spoken  in the north of Spain –especially in the area where Estilo de Vida is located– is grammatically closer to that proposed by the RAE. In addition, it is spoken more slowly and pronounced more clearly.
The customized courses allow us to focus on each student’s specific needs, with no need to adapt to others’ learning rhythms. We practice during the day what the student learns during the class hours, and review during the classes the learning needs that arise during the day. On the other side, being proficient in English and French, we can offer the student a grammar comparison, making learning far more efficient.
Before the course, we hold conversations to investigate the student’s drives and preferences, and send tests to identify the student’s learning needs and prepare tailored  material for the classes. Furthermore, we design courses attending student’s motivations for learning.
Our favourite issue is diet, and we often use it as the underlying thread for in-class exercises , in conversations and in cooking activities

WHERE are we?

Full-immersions take place in Las Viadas, in the region of Las Merindades, a beautiful, low population-density area, ideal for trekking or beast- and bird-watching; and a paradise of romanesque art and for sightseeing. Las Viadas is a quiet and small village on the slope of Valderejo Natural Park, 65, 75, 90 and 140 km from Vitoria, Bilbao, Santander and Burgos, respectively. Estilo de Vida occupies a 405 m2 refurbished traditional stone house with three floors, three rooms for guests, garden with BBQ set, WiFi, a multi-darts set and many board games.
Las Viadas
Las Viadas
Casa Estilo de Vida
Habitación 1- hasta 3 camas individuales
Habitación 2- cama doble. Admite supletoria.
Habitación 3- Cama 150 cm
Cuarto de baño de huéspedes
Pasillo de habitaciones
Ático- dardos
Txoko- sala de estar
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We make our house available for the immersions to share the whole day in Spanish. We take great care to keep the rooms clean and enjoy the beauty of serving, but the rooms are not of hotel quality and no standards can be demanded of us. If you prefer to enjoy a hotel establishment nearby you can check Valle de Tobalina’s municipal website. The price of the immersion remains the same for any lodging option.

Las Merindades gifts us with splendid surroundings for afternoon activities, with numerous locations ready for: 

  • Trekking and activities in nature. Just a handful of kilometers away from Estilo de Vida there are plenty of walks in fantastic landscapes: Parque Natural de ValderejoMontes ObarenesPico Humión, gorges of rivers Purón and Sobrón, forests, hermitages… Just a little further away, the list of sites for wonderful trekking ways becomes endless: the beautiful 110 km long karstic caves of San Bernabé and Ojo Guareña, the river Ebro Canyon, valleys, paramos, waterfalls, … Six GR (long distance walking routes) and plenty of PR (short distance) lay across cross our region.
  • Historic villages and Romanic spots. Medieval Oña preserves impressive buildings and monuments from old glory days. The fortified city of Frías is a lively spot with plenty of cultural activities, especially during the summer. Medina de PomarEspinosa de los Monteros and other villages and small towns also offer monasteries, towers, ancient walls and museums worth a visit. In the tiny Valpuesta the first writings in Castillian Spanish from 9th century were found. Also, a number of Romanesque buildings spread across Las Merindades extol the beauty of the landscapes where they lie, e.g. San Pantaleón, San Salvador de OñaSanta María de Siones and so many others.
  • Ornithology and shepherding
Around 150 different species of birds can be watched in Las Merindades through the year. We have an excelent friend-guide to enjoy learning about birds. 
On the other side, our friend Leandro often invites us to participate in the shepherding of his over-1.000 sheep in Valdivielso. 
So many reasons to fall in love with Las Merindades!
Depending on the group dynamics, in the afternoons we can also visit local ecological farms and ecovillages and practice yoga, martial arts or other activities in multi-adventure park only 10 km away from Estilo de Vida (kayak, SUP, rock climbing, horse riding)… Some road and mountain bicycles are available. And there is always room for meditation, stillness and silence.
After dinner, we can still watch films or opera on the big screen, play games in the penthouse or watch the stars and constellations in the magnificent night sky provided by the lack of luminic or air pollution.
Both from Las Viadas or from Ojébar, within an afternoon trip distance we also have the Guggenheim Museum, wineries in La Rioja and other places of tourist interest in Bilbao, Vitoria, Burgos or Santander.


If you have reached this site, you are most probably a direct friend of us or a friend’s friend. You might thus perceive that this is a honest proposal. We assume that, apart from being interested in learning Spanish, you feel the friendliness of simple lifestyles, the importance of diet and the power of mountain, nature and peaceful conversation.
It is also worth bearing in mind that:
–    Estilo de Vida is a place to learn Spanish. It is not a tourist accommodation or a place to spend one’s holidays with a guide.
–  We can adapt to low grammar friendly profiles, but not to those who absolutely refuse grammar.
–    The quality of the immersion in Estilo de Vida depends fundamentally on the attitude and involvement of the student. There are academies much more appropriate than Estilo de Vida for those who wish to receive knowledge without being involved in their own learning.
Estilo de Vida fructifies from a passion for living, sprouts from the drive to share and learn together a permanently new lifestyle, with our home doors open. We keep your friendship as a treasure. The About us tab presents some of these friends and tells the profile of Alejo Etchart Ortiz (Bilbao, 1966), who makes his lifestyle operational through this beautiful company called Estilo de Vida.
If you like the proposal and it fits your plans or want more details, please send us an email to alejo@estilodevida.org or whatsapp to +34 639 391 854


Bellow are the general ratings and the reviews in Google, Trustindex and Facebook in their original languages. Translations can be read in following links: English, Español, Français, Deutsch.

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