Spanish immersions for over 50s

Why our Spanish immersions are appreciated by mature students

Designed for adults of any age, Spanish immersion courses in Spin at in Estilo de Vida are particularly appreciated for the serenity of mind that accompanies those over 50 years of age. Maturity is not necessarily linked to age, but they often go hand in hand. Here we use the expression “over 50” as a synonym for emotional maturity.

Often, for those over 50:

  • Learning ceases to be a tool and becomes an objective in itself
  • Conversations transcend everyday life and compliance with the same laws is verified in different manifestations of life
  • Beauty is also appreciated in the balance of daily routines and small details.

Advantages of this Spanish Course for Over 50s

Therefore, generally, those over 50 appreciate in a special way:

  • Classes tailored to your current knowledge and needs
  • Being able to learn at your own pace, without having to adapt to others
  • Receiving the full attention of the teacher
  • The subtle beauty that is offered to the serene contemplation of buildings, landscapes, people, traditions or simple habitudes, even when there are no immediate spectacles in them
  • Exclusive visits with just the teacher, no more people in a group
  • Calm conversations in friendly environments with our friends: shepherds, sculptors, artists, small museum guides and country people.

The global Estilo de vida proposal is the same as that which can be found in the ”Spanish Inmersions tab. When contacting us, do not forget to tell us that you are over 50 years of age so that we can take this into account when designing your Estilo de vida week.

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